Domestic Air Conditioning Systems


Home comfort...

We can supply and install a range of attractive, cost effective air conditioning units ideal for home use - A couple of popular types are described here.

Typical wall mounted units (Fig 1) are available in a range of capacities, are quiet in operation and produce conditioned air that is also cleaned by a washable air filter.

These units are remote controlled (Fig 1a) and feature an auto swing capability which automatically distributes air effectively throughout an area allowing the unit to heat or cool economically and efficiently.

The outdoor units (Fig 1b) are based on a valve-in construction making them compact and elegant.

Even more compact...

One piece internal/external air conditioning units (Fig 2), which can be fitted through a window or wall, offer an even more compact installation option.

These units have motorised louvres (Fig 2a), are self-contained, very quiet, available in a variety of capacities, offer cooling and heating and are quick and easy to install.


Fig 1

Fig 1a



Fig 2

Fig 2a

Fig 1b




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