Commercial Air Conditioning Systems


Commercial conditioning...

We supply and fit various types of air conditioning equipment ideal for commercial premises. The available systems include wall, ceiling and floor mounted units in a range of capacities. Duct type units are also available for floor or ceiling installation, distributing the conditioned air through ducting.  We have systems ideal for offices, shops, call centres, gymnasiums, swimming pools etc.

A typical ceiling cassette system (Fig 1) enables air conditioning units to be inconspicuously fitted in suspended ceilings - Features include washable air filter, multi-directional air flow, quiet operation, motorised louvres, cooling/heating, remote control and easy installation. Outside air, as well as conditioned air, can be introduced to the room.

Below are photographs of real installations at client’s premises including a wall mounted unit (Fig 2), along with its external condenser unit (Fig 3), and an inconspicuous ceiling mounted air conditioning cassette (Fig 4).



Fig 1




Fig 2

Fig 3

Fig 4




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